Taking Action On Your Dream Career with Kelly Youngs

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Today we have a special Friday episode of Women, Work and Worth with the founder of She is Fierce on taking action and building tribes.

We are also going a bit out of our comfort zone and getting real with you about what it takes to make the podcast keep moving forward and keep improving. If you like our content and love goodies in the mail, you'll want to check this out.

Podcast Breakdown:

5:30- Kelly's career journey to working in journalism/media as a CNN International Producer

9:00- Navigating a new phase of life as a mother + creating a new career path

11:45- When Kelly decided to make her decade-long dream a reality

14:00- How She is Fierce became a place for professional women seeking community

16:00- Kelly's advice for turning negative energy into inspiration to take action 

20:03- "Create the thing you wish existed"

20:30-The power of communities built on authentic purpose + connection

25:44 -Kelly + Kate discuss the false narrative of the successful woman who "has it all" and never experienced any challenges

32:11- Only you can create a vision for your life that motivates you + fulfills you

35:16- Why we think it's important to have the "yes men" and the "no men" in your network








Pricing Your Work for Profit with Shanna Skidmore

If you've ever thought about starting a business or taking your side-hustle full time, chances are you've had to think about money. If the idea of money management invokes feelings of anxiety instead of confidence, then this podcast is a must-listen.

Meet Shanna Skidmore, the fairy godmother of finances for the creative entrepreneur. Shanna is a business strategist and financial coach, and is even nicknamed the "dream-releaser" by her clients. In this episode Shanna discusses how to gain a better understanding of money in your business, what you should consider when pricing your work, and gives us an overview of the must-know numbers for your business. Shanna also talks about the importance of money-mindset, identifying your money personality, and how to set expectations for your clients. 

Podcast Breakdown:

12:00- How Shanna got started as a financial advisor in the creative industry 

15:15- Where to start with money management for your business? Open a separate bank account. 

17:45- When is your business a "real business"?

19:00- Knowing what you want from your business from the beginning

20:10- Importance of knowing your money mindset or money personality

21:43- Numbers you need to know 

22:35- #1: Total Sales in 1 year

23:50- #2 Total Expenses + Costs

25:55-#3 Your profit (what is left after you factor in your costs/expenses)

26:05- Take yourself on a "money date" once a month

28:28- Why 70-80% of small business fail in the first 10 years (hint: it involves money)

29:30- Activity does not always equal success

31:40- Importance of the "daily bread" product in your business

33:20- How creatives can structure pricing

33:45- Give yourself permission to let your business be a hobby (if you want it to be)

35:10- Pricing for profit

36:20-Why Shanna prefers hourly pricing rates for creatives

38:30- Reclaiming your time as an entrepreneur

40:40- Defining the "done point" of your work + what's included and what's not

45:00- Setting up expectations with clients

51:00- Why Shanna encourages small business owners to take sabbaticals


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Navigating the Job Search with Intention with Lauren Berger of InternQueen.com

Today we are talking to Lauren Berger, the self-proclaimed Intern Queen, and founder of InternQueen.com and Lauren Berger Inc. Lauren founded InternQueen.com after she completed 15 internships in college, and wanted to help provide students with easier access to information and resources about internships and navigating their first jobs. 

Lauren tells us about her journey to become an entrepreneur, advice on where to start when looking for your first job, deal-breakers in the application process, and gives her insight on millennials and company loyalty. Lauren also talks about the importance of managing expectations at work, and how to cope with losing a job or getting fired. 

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Podcast Breakdown:

4:55- Lauren realized (after doing 15 internships) that students didn't have the resources they needed, and wanted to change this. 

6:00- First step when looking for a job: Adjust that mindset. 

8:00- Importance of using custom materials when applying for jobs or internships

9:40- The role of social media in the job search. 

11:20- How to stand out in the job search.

13:05- Potential deal-breakers to avoid when applying and interviewing for a job. 

14:15- Use industry knowledge to your advantage (especially if you lack experience). 

15:00- Transitioning careers and industries. 

16:00- Lauren discusses internships post-college. 

17:50- Insights on company loyalty + millennials. 

25:40- How managers and millennial employees can benefit from open communication around expectations in the workplace.

27:00- Importance of communicating what you need at work.

31:00- Advice for how to cope with a layoff or getting fired.

33:20- Giving yourself time to "feel the feelings," then revisit what you want moving forward.

36:00- What Lauren did to channel her inner-confidence during her first job. 

39:00- Listen, Read, Watch


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Lauren's Video: How to Overcome Getting Fired

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Communicating Effectively in the Workplace + Everywhere Else with Bespoken

This week on Women, Work and Worth we are sitting down with the owners of Bespoken, Jackie and Leah, to dish on how women can communicate effectively in the workplace as well as the rest of their life. Effective communication is one of the single most important skills a young woman can have, and it doesn't always come naturally. Jackie and Leah share advice and strategies on finding and owning your voice, communicating in a male-dominated environment, and how to cultivate intentionality around the habits we adopt when we communicate.

Take a listen below on Soundcloud, or click here to download on iTunes and be sure to subscribe to hear more from us. 

Podcast Breakdown:

4:00- How Jackie + Leah developed their speaking consultancy with techniques inspired by their backgrounds in theater.

8:35- Why great speakers are made not born.

11:50- What to do when you struggle with communicating effectively in a male-dominated environment.

13:50- First tip: observe a be aware of patterns in the workplace. Then be mindful of your verbal + physical tendencies when speaking. 

15:50- When entering a difficult environment, trying framing the exchange in advance.

17:38- How the White House uses amplification and shine theory to ensure women's ideas were being heard. 

19:50- Some examples of words and patterns that inhibit effective communication: qualifiers, fillers, up-speak.

23:20- How presence relies not only on your voice, but also your mind, breath, and body being in sync. 

25:45- Three important questions to ask yourself while preparing a formal speaking engagement. 

31:30- How to cope with nerves and anxiety while speaking.

32:55- #Nervcited 

46:30- Communication is a muscle that requires consistent work + effort. 


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"Amplify Your Voice"- February 11th

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