Crafting Your Career Path | Washington D.C.

  • General Assembly 1133 15th Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20005 United States
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Crafting Your Career Path | One-Day Workshop

We are thrilled to be partnering with General Assembly in Washington D.C. to host our one-day immersive career crafting workshop on Saturday, December 10th. 

About the Workshop

This workshop is for young women looking to design a fulfilling and purpose-driven career path for themselves. The workshop includes six modules that build upon each other to give young women the tools they need to discover their strengths, make well-informed career decisions and build intentional habits grounded in self-awareness that will lead them to success, both personally and professionally. Attendees will be able to confidently identify next steps to reach their career goals including strategic negotiation and intentional networking.

Takeaways from the Workshop

  • Gain a greater sense of focus and direction in your career path
  • Feel prepared to negotiate effectively in the workplace
  • Identify what resources you need to reach your goals
  • Enhance an awareness of what type of work you will find meaningful and fulfilling
  • Align your strengths, values, and priorities to confidently make decisions
  • Build intentional habits into your days that will lead you to success