Kate Gremillion Mavenly

Why is Mavenly special to you?

Because Mavenly was the resource I needed when I was navigating graduate and post-graduate life. A place to find inspiration, connect with ambitious women, and learn tangible ways to improve my life. It’s the passion project of my life.


Favorite girl power song?

“No Scrubs” by TLC. Duh.


Dream vacation? 

Chilling in a pool in Santorini, Greece. Google it. Then pin it.


Drink of choice?

Morning: Coffee 

Afternoon: Coffee

Evening: Probably more coffee. These podcasts don’t edit themselves!


Last show you marathoned?

House of Cards (or as I like to call it House of Claire) #FLOTUSturnsPOTUS



No guilt in pleasure. Do what makes you happy! For me, that’s hummus and podcasts.


Singer or group you’re obsessed with?

Joss Stone