Tools For A Career + Life With Intention

Our worksheets + resources are designed to give you the tools you need to design a career with purpose. Enjoy!

gratitude journal

Daily Gratitude Worksheet

We are what we repeatedly do. This means if we practice gratitude and intention-setting every day, we will become grateful and intentional people. Sounds great! But how? 

This worksheet walks you through short prompts to cultivate the habit of gratitude on a daily basis. Download it now by subscribing below!

monthly budget

Monthly Budget Worksheet

We want you to make that money, honey. A key component of having and saving money? Learning how to budget wisely. Seeing your finances all in one place gives you clarity and confidence to make smart decisions.

This worksheet walks you through budgeting on a monthly basis based on your income and expenses. Download it now by subscribing below!

interview questions

Informational Interview Worksheet

First impressions are important. They are EXTRA important if you're connecting with someone to discuss career aspirations. 

This worksheet briefly outlines the purpose of an informational interview and lists a few good questions to get the conversation flowing. Download it now by subscribing below!

success meditation

Guided Success Meditation

 It's been said that success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. A big part of achieving success is having the mindset and clarity to move forward in your personal and professional path. 

This guided meditation will support you in developing the right mindset for success. Download it now by subscribing below!

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