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About Our Founders

If there’s one thing Kate and Tallia know to be true, it’s that pursuing the work you want is always worth it. What started out as a blind dinner date in 2014 quickly turned into a lasting friendship rooted in their love for seeing women succeed. With Tallia’s expertise in mindset and career coaching, and Kate’s business building and branding experience - a dream team was born. After empowering women all across the country to define success on their own terms, they created Mavenly + Co. to help  women go from where they are in their careers to where they truly want to be. 

kate gremillion

Kate Gremillion,
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Hi! I’m Kate, and I help women business owners organize and streamline their business and build their web presence so they can create a profitable business with freedom and flexibility. Whether it’s finding the best tools + resources, effectively communicating your value to get more of the work you want, or discovering how to spend your time more efficiently in your business, I’m here to help you.

My goal is to give you the tools, resources, and information you need to make more money while making you less busy.


tallia Deljou, Talliadeljou.com

Hi! I’m Tallia, a positive psychology expert + coach who helps women elevate their career and life paths. If you’re questioning what’s next and seeking clarity and confidence in your next step, I’m here to serve you.

Coaching helps you see what is possible for yourself, move beyond your limiting beliefs, and cultivate a deeper relationship to yourself so you can know your worth and start showing up more fully in your work and life as your authentic self. If you’re willing to turn inward and dig deep, a life of significance awaits.