5 Tools to Streamline + Optimize Your Online Presence

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Five tools + resources we use to make it easier to manage our online presence.

Canva: canva.com
Grum.co: grum.co/
HootSuite: hootsuite.com/
Landing Lion: www.landinglion.com/
Code for Landing Lion: MAVEN1
Slack: slack.com/
Sarah's Instagram Course: www.sarahdeshaw.com/sarah-deshaw-courses/
Emily's Intern Course: interns101.com/
Patreon: www.patreon.com/womenworkworth

Podcast Breakdown:

1:30- Create dynamic posts on social media accounts using Canva

3:20- Use Grum.co paid service to make scheduling social media posts easy

4:45- Learn how to use Instagram as revenue stream with Sarah Deshaw’s e-course

5:45- Schedule Facebook and Twitter posts with Hoot Suite scheduling app

6:15- Find creative liberty and track how people navigate your website with Landing Lion

10:00- Store content and conversations for your business in one place with Slack app

11:15- Foster mutually beneficial internships with Interns 101 e-course

Mercey Livingston