Making Changes to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Gratitude with Kate Gremillion

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A podcast from our Founder Kate Gremillion

When I was recording this podcast on the night of my 26th birthday, and I couldn't help but think about the major changes I had made personally and professionally since blowing out those candles at 25. 

The more I thought about these changes, the more I realized there are certain rituals or habits I've put into practice to make these changes possible.

These rituals have trained my brain to intentionally search for the positive and recognize when I'm thinking destructive thoughts or making negative choices and correct my actions.

In this podcast, I tell you about a few things I've done to make these changes, because the only way to change your life is to alter the small things you do daily.

Here's the link to my five-minute journal I mention and here's Tiffany's awesome podcast.


Kate Gremillion