A Guided Meditation on Success with Tallia Deljou

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Today we invite you to join us for a 10 minute guided meditation on success with Mavenly + Co co-founder, Tallia Deljou. Success is a topic that often comes up in our conversations at Mavenly, and we have learned that thinking about success as a mindset, rather than a destination, can be a game-changer.

Today we challenge you to take 10 minutes and look beyond all of the "secrets of success" content flooding the internet and social media today, and instead focus on what success means for you. 

Podcast Breakdown:

3:20- Get comfortable and ready for success

4:30- Picture yourself on a typical day

5:20- Imagine yourself letting go of everything that holds you back

6:25- Step into the image of your best self

7:50- Create details of your happy place in your mind

8:30- Believe in positive mantras

10:30- Bring awareness back to the present

Mercey Livingston