Building Your Brand + Balancing a 9-to-5 with Abbey Brandon

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Our team is thrilled to bring you the first of many podcast episodes from our Mavenly podcast series. We had the pleasure of chatting with Abbey Brandon of District DressUp about how she started her blog, grew her audience, monetized her content and did it all while working her 9-5 corporate job. This episode is packed with great information and insight including how Abbey creates and manages her content, how she started partnerships to bring in revenue, and some of her habits around scheduling and checking posts.

Podcast Breakdown

1:27 – How Abbey got started 

7:01 – Getting involved in a blogger network

9:34 – How long it took for brands to reach out to her

13:30 – Opportunities and how they came about

19:11 – How Abbey monetizes her blog

28:43 – Abbey's structure of opportunities

31:25 – How she schedules out her time

37:19 – Relationship with the photographers she works with

40:55 – Things Abbey wished she would’ve known about the fashion blogging

44:13 – How Abbey balances her 9-5 and fulfills outside aspirations