Becoming Your Own 'It Girl' with Michela Armini

lovely it girl

Being an 'it girl' sounds great, but what does that actually mean for you? 

Well today Michela Armini of The Lovely It Girl is going to tell us. Michela is a personal brand consultant based in NYC, and she's going to tell us about how she started her career path in the corporate world, what led her to starting her own consultancy, how she identified mentors in her industry, what being an ‘it’ girl really means and the illusions that sometimes comes along with being an 'it girl', her thoughts on entrepreneurship and the benefits of working a full time job while you start another business, why she prioritizes herself and her health as well as her work, and how to find your passion and true influences to be the best 'it girl' you can be.

This podcast is filled with great information so listen along now!