Building a 500k+ Following + Selling to The Knot with Stacy Stahl

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Today we are talking with Stacy Stahl, founder of How He Asked, about building a 500k following and founding and selling a business. Stacy talks about making money, passion-driven endeavors, and the trait she credits most of her success to. Listen below on Soundcloud or here in iTunes for a great conversation with tons of actionable advice.

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Podcast Breakdown:

7:30- Turning How He Asked into a business

10:50- Cultivating a realistic money mindset 

12:15- Passion pressure 

15:15- Importance of conviction + confidence 

16:25- Stacy's advice for building confidence

23:30- Looking for models + emulating brands you admire

29:00- Being extraordinary + standing out as a business

33:00- Selling to The Knot 

37:40- Prepping for + navigating big conversations

42:15- Stacy's advice for women creating + selling a business






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