Building a Team for Your Startup Series with Fatima Dicko + Earnest Sweat

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This is the second part in our  mini-series with startup advisor Earnest Sweat to share insights into building a startup, building a team for a startup, and building capital for a startup.

Our guest is Fatima Dicko of mybestbox, and after studying Chemical Engineering at Columbia University, Fatima worked on a upstream innovation team at Procter & Gamble as a senior engineer developing new-to-the world products (3-10 years away from market) using design thinking, rapid prototyping, and technical modeling. 

After moving to a food desert in Baltimore, she noticed the many barriers that existed for people attempting to adopt healthier lifestyles. She quickly understood that the neighborhood where one lives can directly affect his/her chances of adopting healthy habits, and this inspired her to build her startup around making healthy living accessible no matter where you are. 

Today, Fatima will talk about how she's built her team for her business, and she gives listeners advice if they are looking to bring people on board. 


Podcast Breakdown:

5:08- How the idea of mybestbox came together

7:30- Fatima’s essential questions: What is the problem I’m solving? Would people pay for a solution to this problem? Are you the right person to solve this problem?

12:30- “Everyone is either an Einstein or a Da Vinci”

16:15- Focus on your strengths to maximize your effectiveness

18:30- Identifying your company’s “why” and understanding different people’s motivations in life will lead to hiring success

22:46- Impact of growth on culture and defining culture early on

27:30- Moments of realization that Fatima is a CEO and founder

30:30- Entrepreneurs should have a mentor to learn from, a peer to exchange ideas with, and a mentee to teach

35:15- See opportunity where others may not, then determine your strategy

37:36- The only skills you need for business are reading, counting, and selling

40:20- Keep your team as a priority from the beginning, and you will only be as strong as your weakest link

Allison Gerstley