Building Better Relationships with Shula Melamed

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We talk about developing our careers quite a bit at Mavenly, and one topic we think deserves the same amount of discussion is building better relationships. It's natural for ambitious, career-driven women to put a lot of time and energy into planning their careers. But, what would happen if we approached relationships in the same way? In this episode of Women, Work and Worth we talk to Shula Melamed about building better, more intentional relationships, and how the relationship we have with ourselves is what often shapes the relationships we have with others.

Shula Melamed worked for a professional match-maker in NYC before deciding that she wanted to find a way to help people move past the barriers they faced when searching for love. After getting a masters degree in Psychology and a M.P.H. in Sexuality and Health, she became a Relationship and Wellness Coach. Shula also tells us about a virtual workshop she is hosting soon called The Foundation, which you will definitely want to check out if you listen to the podcast and want more. 

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Podcast Breakdown

3:50- Shula's experience working for a professional match-maker in NYC

6:15- After learning about the challenges ambitious people sometimes face when looking for a partner, she decided to study psychology to find ways to help them

11:15- We aren't taught to learn about healthy relationships in the same way as we are taught to succeed in our careers

13:10- Healthy relationships start with you + knowing what you bring to the table

14:50- Being as intentional with romantic relationships as we are about our career paths

16:50- Having a good sense of what you bring to the table so you aren't looking for your partner to define you in a relationship 

17:45- Differentiating self-esteem from self-worth

18:45- Some ways Shula suggests you can work on self-esteem and self-worth when you aren't feeling so great

20:00- Sometimes if we don't have a strong sense of self, we can't create important boundaries in our relationships

20:45- How our platonic relationships relate to our romantic relationships

22:20- Changing the inner-dialogue around our self-worth that can keep us from having what we want

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The Foundation 4 Week Online Workshop





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