Career Coaching: What It Is + What We’ve Learned with Tallia and Kate


1:54: What career coaching is and what you can expect from it

7:56:  Coaching outcomes: the ideal, individualized approach for your situation

10:00:  Six weeks of structured coaching, an hour of reflection, that will help you craft your career

12:30: The purpose of a career coach and how they will help you accomplish your goals and hold you accountable for achieving them

14:10: The brains of the operation: Talia crafts your career and Kate builds your brand

15:24: You are the expert in your career.  A control piece for you to learn that you have more control than you think and what to do with it 

19:30: Building your ideal Instagram bio. Introduce yourself. Test out your narrative in your head. You decide. You define. 

24:15: Ask for Value.  A Trade Transaction. Define your value for yourself in the workplace. Negotiate your value. 

31:30: Know what keeps your boss up night to increase the productivity of the company. Starting the conversation on congruency.

36:10: Don’t bring problems. Bring solutions with clarity and confidence. Challenge company culture with conversation in the right direction

38:05: What if you let yourself be successful? Value what you want.  Work towards what you want TODAY but don’t put “passion pressure” on yourself

44:25: Internal dialogue and validation will empower you to know you can be successful

46:24: “You are unemployed until your not.” “Your not that until you are.”  Its all inyour mental. 

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Adrienne Grant