Collaborating Over Competing + How to Make Money with Others with Michelle Ward and Laura Simms

We are so excited to have Michelle Ward + Laura Simms back on the podcast to talk about how they are joining forces for a 90 Day Business Launch Program. Michelle and Laura are both career/business coaches who decided to team up to create a program for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their business dream and launch a business in just 90 days. We also talk about the benefits of  Mastermind groups, collaboration over competition, partnership, and advice for women looking to partner and collaborate with others for success. 

Podcast Breakdown:

6:30- How a mastermind group led to the birth of the 90 Day Business Launch

8:55- How Michelle's and Laura's paths aligned 

15:45- Collaboration over competition 

21:30- How to find a mastermind group

23:30- 90 Day Business Launch 

33:45- Reaching + building an audience 

35:30- Making a partnership work 

40:00- Tips for finding a business partner 

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