Communicating Effectively in the Workplace + Everywhere Else with Bespoken

This week on Women, Work and Worth we are sitting down with the owners of Bespoken, Jackie and Leah, to dish on how women can communicate effectively in the workplace as well as the rest of their life. Effective communication is one of the single most important skills a young woman can have, and it doesn't always come naturally. Jackie and Leah share advice and strategies on finding and owning your voice, communicating in a male-dominated environment, and how to cultivate intentionality around the habits we adopt when we communicate.

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Podcast Breakdown:

4:00- How Jackie + Leah developed their speaking consultancy with techniques inspired by their backgrounds in theater.

8:35- Why great speakers are made not born.

11:50- What to do when you struggle with communicating effectively in a male-dominated environment.

13:50- First tip: observe a be aware of patterns in the workplace. Then be mindful of your verbal + physical tendencies when speaking. 

15:50- When entering a difficult environment, trying framing the exchange in advance.

17:38- How the White House uses amplification and shine theory to ensure women's ideas were being heard. 

19:50- Some examples of words and patterns that inhibit effective communication: qualifiers, fillers, up-speak.

23:20- How presence relies not only on your voice, but also your mind, breath, and body being in sync. 

25:45- Three important questions to ask yourself while preparing a formal speaking engagement. 

31:30- How to cope with nerves and anxiety while speaking.

32:55- #Nervcited 

46:30- Communication is a muscle that requires consistent work + effort. 


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