Conquering Your Quarter Life Crisis With Kali Rogers

Kali Rogers

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When you’re chatting with Blush founder Kali Rogers, you can’t tell if you’re having a session with a life coach or a chatting with a friend you’ve known for years. With the tagline ‘Life can be mean. Let’s talk behind its back,’ Kali and her team of coaches have created a service to guide women in their teens, twenties and thirties through the many obstacles life throws at us. We sat down with Kali to discuss how women can prepare themselves for the challenges of post-graduate life and what we should be doing to take control of a quarter life crisis.

Podcast Breakdown

1:25 – A connection made by the Instagram account, Betches.

1:47 – The background of why Blush was started.

3:50 – Kali’s personal journey through her quarter-life crisis.

6:07 – The topics that come up most frequently in life coaching session with young women.

9:10 – Sheryl Sandberg on the importance of who you date and marry.

9:48 – How to prioritize your life based on your values.

12:16 – Allow yourself the freedom to be who you are.

13:15 – What a quarter-life crisis truly is and how we deal with that period of time.

17: 15 – How to cultivate a happy, healthy lifestyle in your 20s.

23:10 – What keeps us in toxic relationships/friendships and how we can break away from them.

27:59 – What someone can expect to get from life coaching.