Creating Peace Of Mind Around Budgeting and Financial Freedom With Ashley Shelly

Ashley Shelly

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If you’re looking for some help with budgeting and managing personal finances, you’ve come the right place. Today we are chatting with Ashley Shelly, the creator of the budget notebook. Ashley lives in Jacksonville, Florida and has created a line of products based on the idea of living life with a peaceful heart. Since managing money can sometimes be the cause of stress and anxiety, Ashley has created a few notebooks to take control of your money and your thoughts and make them work for you. You will hear Ashley talk about how she personally stays on budget, recommendations she has for awkward financial conversations and what steps you can take to relieve some of you anxiety around financial planning. We hope you enjoy!

Podcast Breakdown

1:36 – Where the inspiration for Ashley Shelly Creative began.

3:25 – How she got the idea to create the Budget Notebook.

5:13 – Why young women should be budgeting.

7:44 – Tips for young women on how to budget effectively.

9:42 – The secret to controlling your spending with cash.

13:50 – Preparing financially for big events in your life (weddings, vacations, babies, etc.)

16:54 – How to have those awkward financial conversations with your friends or significant other.

21:58 – How to plan financially for starting a business and when to take risks.

26:45 – The inspiration behind the Daily Peace Journal.

33:12 – Where will the Ashley Shelly brand be in the next 5 years?