Improving Your Memory + Slowing Down with Rebecca Kronman

Today we are chatting with Rebecca Kronman, a licensed social worker who works with creatives (and other professionals) to utilize mindfulness framework and techniques to feel better at work.

We decided to talk to Rebecca about a problem that we often experience: difficulty remembering things. We hope that Rebecca's mindfulness techniques and tips will help you learn how to slow down, improve routines, boost productivity, creativity and feel a little less frazzled in your day-to-day life.

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Podcast Breakdown: 

4:40- How Rebecca decided to work with creatives + honing in on a niche

6:05- The unique challenges + struggles that creatives face 

9:05- How to foster growth + change in a healthy way 

10:15- The false-narrative surrounding taking breaks/down time 

12:10- Making meditation work when you don't think it's for you 

14:21- How to add in mindfulness techniques to the things you already do

20:30- Multitasking is really only doing several things LESS efficiently 

22:25- Rebecca shares a helpful List-Making technique

31:33- Addiction Rituals (Rebecca's article)

Rebecca's Website:

Stay tuned for her event with Ladies Get Paid in June!  

For more information on how you can bring Rebecca into your office/workplace to host a workshop on How to Bring Mindfulness into the Workday, visit this link


Mercey Livingston