Decluttering Your Space + Organizing Your Life With Barbara Reich

Declutter your life


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So maybe you’re not a contestant for the next episode of Hoarders, but you struggle every so often with a minor shopping addiction paired with a bad habit for holding on to knick-knacks. If this is you, this is your episode. Meet Barbara Reich — she’s a professional organizer who’s been featured numerous times on The Today ShowThe New York Times and Real Simple magazine. She’s help many of your favorite celebrities organize their lives and now she’s giving some of her best tips to you. We chat about organizing every area of your house, why multitasking can actually harm you, and what stylists at Bergdorf Goodman think should be staples in every young woman’s closet. This episode has tons of great information for young women looking to stay organized and productive, so we hope you enjoy!

Podcast Breakdown

3:13 – How do you organize and prioritize your belongings for the transition from college to career?

4:06 – How do you decide what to keep and how much should you really keep? Here’s the box Barbara recommends.

5:18 – How do you organize your closet when going from college to career? List of wardrobe essentials for women.

7:24 – What are some ways to stay organized when living with a roommate or other people?

8:47 – How to keep a small space organized including small apartments, kitchens and bathrooms.

13:48 – How can you stay organized and keep your home and work life separate when you work from home?

15:03 – How do you make organizing habits stick?

17:07 – How do your organize and manage your time to be more productive? We mention Angie’s ‘saying no’ podcast.

19:50 – How do you prioritize your to-do list?

21:41 – Barbara’s favorite lifehacks and tips for staying organized and productive.

23:01 – You can find more about Barbara here and more about us here.