How To Answer 'What Do You Do?' or "Tell Me About Yourself'

tell me about yourself

How To Answer 'What Do You Do?' or "Tell Me About Yourself'

On this week’s episode, Kate Gremillion and Tallia Deljou discuss how to answer the dreaded questions “What Do You Do?” and “Tell Me About Yourself.” Listen now to hear how changing your answer can change your life, because no one wants to be that wallflower at a networking event. 

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Podcast Breakdown:

1:13- Why do people struggle to answer the question “What Do You Do?”

4:35- Reflect on what you want your answer to be for “What Do You Do?” and take action on your aspirations

7:10- Think about what led you to the opportunities on your resume

9:00- People leave their jobs because they feel their work doesn't matter

10:00- Telling your story in present, past, future framework 

15:13- What questions do you want someone to ask you, and what information do you have to give to prompt those questions?

18:08- We are more than just our jobs and should be introducing ourselves as such

25:00- Structuring your narrative to connect you to the networks you want to be connected to

28:15- Your cover letter is your response to the “Tell Me About Yourself” question





Allison Gerstley