Creating A Strong Life You Love With Dr. Erin Foley

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Spoiler alert: this podcast is a game-changer.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Erin Foley about how to build a life you love. As a professor, speaker and life coach, Erin has worked with thousands of students to help them identify their passions and create a life that feels strong and filled with purpose. We know you will love all of the incredible insight and wisdom Erin shares with us during the podcast, so if you’d like to hear more from her or schedule her to come speak you can find her here. Enjoy!

Podcast Breakdown

1:25 – Where Erin’s journey to a strong life started.

3:49 – Erin’s ‘A-ha’ moment to start pursuing her passion.

6:40 – Where you discover your true passions

8:06 – Why millennials specifically struggle with finding purpose and passion.

12:05 – How to narrow down and identify your strengths.

16:52 – Knowing the difference between strengths and skills

19:40 – Turning a job you hate into a job you love

23:33 – How to tell if a job or promotion is right for your skill set.

27:43 – Advice for people struggling with making a change in their life

35:10 – Why finding support and process people is crucial for making a change.

38:09 – What to do when you have too much inspiration or too many things you like.

42:55 – Are you attracted to the career or the image of the career?