Finding Joy Through Your Values with Molly Mahar

Molly Mahar Stratejoy

If you're going through a quarter-life crisis, you need this podcast in your life.

Today Molly Mahar of Stratejoy tells us about her journey through her quarter-life crisis and how she made it out and thrived by seeking joy through her authentic values.


Podcast Breakdown

3:20 – Ways that women can make their life more joyful

5:30 – What women can expect from the Joy Equation course

10:49 – Healing process through journaling

17:30 – Tools that women can use to continue to find their joy

21:55 – Molly’s personal journey

31:15 – Changing paths and continuing the journey

33:15 – How women who attended the Joy Equation communicate to others about peace, joy, and vulnerability

38:52 –Where to find Molly and where to sign up for her courses