Getting Financially Fit + Financially Free with Shannon McLay

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Today we are chatting with the woman behind the awesome resource that is helping women everywhere become financially fit, The Financial Gym.  Founder, Shannon McLay chats with us about how she decided to launch a career in supporting women on the path to financial freedom. We talk with Shannon about money accountability, financial fitness + freedom, how to calculate your Money Happiness number, and why it should be hard to spend your money.

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Podcast Breakdown: 

5:30- Shannon's journey from working in finance to starting The Financial Gym

6:53- The statistic that sparked Shannon to become a financial advisor (She was the only woman in her class at Merrill Lynch)

10:10- How the idea behind "financial fitness" was born

12:15- Why everyone needs a Financial Planner (Yes, you- even if you work at a 9-5 and not a millionaire) 

26:50- "We should make it hard to spend our money"

29:40- The importance of aligning your finances with your values. 












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