Getting Ladies Paid with Claire Wasserman

Claire Wasserman, founder of Ladies Get Paid, joins us on this episode of the Women, Work and Worth podcast to chat about all things women and money. Claire founded Ladies Get Paid six months ago after a not-so-great experience at work inspired her to learn more about the wage gap and the struggles that women face when it comes to getting recognized at work and achieving more. Now, she is helping women around the world get paid what they deserve through educational workshops, webinars, and town halls. Download on iTunes to listen for more about Claire's journey and subscribe to hear more from us. 

Podcast Breakdown:

9:15- One experience that opened Claire's eyes to some of the microaggressions that women experience at work 

13:25- How Claire's experience led her to seek more information on women, work and the wage gap 

15:15- The Women and Money Town Hall that started it all 

17:30- Claire saw a need for more information, education and shared experiences and began developing workshops

23:30- Combatting overwhelm with knowledge and advocacy

24:00- Redefining feminism  

26:00- What you are afraid of speaking up about can help others

31:05- Advice and inspiration is great, but so is knowing when to take action and move forward 

35:00- Getting real about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and asking yourself the right questions before you jump 

37:30- Entrepreneurship is not the only path to freedom 

41:00- Deciding what you are willing to trade in order to have a sense of freedom 

42:00- Checking in with our values along the way in work (and relationships)

43:30 -Behind the Negotiation online class that Claire created for Ladies Get Paid

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