Healthy Habits For Women On The Go With Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls

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We know that staying healthy and finding time to exercise when you're starting a new job or a new semester can be challenging. That's why we enlisted the help of the Fit Bottomed Girls to share some ways to create and stick to healthy habits for a fun, fit lifestyle. Below are some resources mentioned in the podcast. Enjoy!

Podcast Breakdown

2:25 – How the Fit Bottom Girls got their start

3:28 – Fit Bottom Girls' message

7:00 – How to prepare food to take on the go

10:02 – Suggestions for planning healthy meals

13:43 – Recognizing false advertisements on “healthy foods”

15:35 – Dieting to make yourself feel good

17:38 – Recommended energy and snack supplements

19:45 – For coffee lovers, caffeine recommendations! 

22:05 – How to eat healthy in a social setting

26:36 – Fit Bottom Girls' mindful eating

30:44 – Staying excited about working out during tough transitions

33:43 – Pre- and post-workout habits

35:13 – Good recovery food

36:05 – Things women should stay away from

39:37 – Additional resources for women, and where to find Fit Bottom Girls!