What Holds Us Back from the Career We Really Want


0:54: The main reason people come to Mavenly +  Co . How to get a clear path of what kind of career they want and how to weigh the pros and the cons

3:37: Career Myopia: Focused on what’s in front of us and forgetting about our bigger goals. Learn this definition

6:04: How career myopia manifests and how to be aware when its happening

7:30: Neil Gaiman Speech: How his goals were his mountain and figuring out if his career choices brought him closer to that mountain

10:30: Being honest with your self and reflecting on career opportunities

12:35: Are you doing it for the prestige?

15:19: Practical pursuit of career goals or fear disguised as practicality ? 

17:15: The questions you should be asking yourself

19:00: Start, Stop, Continue worksheet that will clear your time and get you closer to “the mountain”

20:11: Fall Retreat Nov. 3rd- 5th in Charlotte , N.C. 


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Adrienne Grant