Implementing Email Marketing + Content Strategy for Entrepreneurs with Mia Martin

This week we are chatting with Mia Martin of Events for Less Marketing in Atlanta. If you are looking to get a crash course on all things digital marketing then this is the podcast for you. Mia worked in sales and marketing in the corporate world for 14 years before starting her own business where she consults entrepreneurs on branding, events, and digital marketing. Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes to hear more from us. Happy listening! 

Podcast Breakdown:

5:25- Content Strategy 

7:15- Why consistency is key in social media + content strategy 

8:20- Tools for managing time effectively + saving time with content marketing

10:45- Where to source great free photos for marketing

12:20- Sales funnels + converting your audience to customers

15:25-  Using Lead Magnets strategically 

26:10- Maximizing Pinterest as an entrepreneur

30:30- Structuring email marketing campaigns within sales funnels 

Events For Less Marketing:
Email Marketing & Auto-Responder Provider:
Boosts your Pins on Pinterest:
Shows the Top Groups on Pinterest by Topic:
Evergreen Deadlines for each Subscriber:
Design Content for Lead Magnets:
Design Content for Lead Magnets, Video, and Landing Pages:
Design and Schedule Content: 

Take one of Mia's courses for $99 with the code 'MAVENLY'

"Social Media Strategy in a Box"- This course is designed to help freelancers, entrepreneurs and those wanting to market their personal brand, develop a easy social media strategy. 

"Win When You Pin"-Designed to boost business growth using Pinterest.




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