Taking Action On Your Dream Career with Kelly Youngs

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Today we have a special Friday episode of Women, Work and Worth with the founder of She is Fierce on taking action and building tribes.

We are also going a bit out of our comfort zone and getting real with you about what it takes to make the podcast keep moving forward and keep improving. If you like our content and love goodies in the mail, you'll want to check this out.

Podcast Breakdown:

5:30- Kelly's career journey to working in journalism/media as a CNN International Producer

9:00- Navigating a new phase of life as a mother + creating a new career path

11:45- When Kelly decided to make her decade-long dream a reality

14:00- How She is Fierce became a place for professional women seeking community

16:00- Kelly's advice for turning negative energy into inspiration to take action 

20:03- "Create the thing you wish existed"

20:30-The power of communities built on authentic purpose + connection

25:44 -Kelly + Kate discuss the false narrative of the successful woman who "has it all" and never experienced any challenges

32:11- Only you can create a vision for your life that motivates you + fulfills you

35:16- Why we think it's important to have the "yes men" and the "no men" in your network


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Mercey Livingston