Realizing 'Follow Your Passion' Isn't The Best Advice with Laura Simms

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When Laura Simms reached out to us about an idea for our podcast, the premise was interesting - that you don’t have to find your passion to do work you love

She learned this the hard way. Several years ago she walked away from her dream career as an actor (did you catch her on Criminal Minds?) to find more meaningful work.

She didn’t know what that work would be, so she experimented with her passions, came up short, and had a major ah-ha moment sitting at her in LA: that it’s less about WHAT she did and more about WHY she did it. Now she teaches others to find work that matters to them. 

Today we talk about Laura's personal story of quitting her successful dream career for something more meaningful, why you should quit measuring your career against your parents’ careers, the gaps in the typical advice to “follow your passion", how to find work you enjoy by connecting to your sense of purpose and the practical steps to take when leaving one career for another.

And you can check out her work here.

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