Navigating the Job Search with Intention with Lauren Berger of

Today we are talking to Lauren Berger, the self-proclaimed Intern Queen, and founder of and Lauren Berger Inc. Lauren founded after she completed 15 internships in college, and wanted to help provide students with easier access to information and resources about internships and navigating their first jobs. 

Lauren tells us about her journey to become an entrepreneur, advice on where to start when looking for your first job, deal-breakers in the application process, and gives her insight on millennials and company loyalty. Lauren also talks about the importance of managing expectations at work, and how to cope with losing a job or getting fired. 

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Podcast Breakdown:

4:55- Lauren realized (after doing 15 internships) that students didn't have the resources they needed, and wanted to change this. 

6:00- First step when looking for a job: Adjust that mindset. 

8:00- Importance of using custom materials when applying for jobs or internships

9:40- The role of social media in the job search. 

11:20- How to stand out in the job search.

13:05- Potential deal-breakers to avoid when applying and interviewing for a job. 

14:15- Use industry knowledge to your advantage (especially if you lack experience). 

15:00- Transitioning careers and industries. 

16:00- Lauren discusses internships post-college. 

17:50- Insights on company loyalty + millennials. 

25:40- How managers and millennial employees can benefit from open communication around expectations in the workplace.

27:00- Importance of communicating what you need at work.

31:00- Advice for how to cope with a layoff or getting fired.

33:20- Giving yourself time to "feel the feelings," then revisit what you want moving forward.

36:00- What Lauren did to channel her inner-confidence during her first job. 

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