Negotiating As A Young Professional Woman with Lelia Gowland

lelia gowland llc negotiation

Negotiation is a topic we always enjoy diving into. In fact, we've covered it on the Women, Work and Worth podcast before. This episode is a conversation with Lelia Gowland of Gowland LLC, and she's sharing her personal career journey as well as great stories she's collected from her work. We explore a variety of topics including the importance of self reflection in negotiation as well as how to navigate negotiation when it comes to your first job. 

There's a plethora of great information in here, so take a listen now. 

Podcast Breakdown:

3:38- The foundations of Lelia’s business helping women negotiate and navigate career decision-making

6:30- Creating time for self-reflection to identify your priorities

9:20- Comparing ourselves to others makes it harder to be present in our situations

12:00- Benchmark the value for a certain position with friends

13:25- Gender segregations in professional settings perpetuates the wage gap

16:08- Use salary calculators to understand what to negotiate, whether salary, flexible time, etc. (

17:40- Avoiding the question of salary history

22:10- Pivot your negotiation to the questions you want to ask

23:35- Negotiating for your first job out of graduate or professional school with the help of career services

27:35- Frame your experience and work in the language your employer uses

29:08- StrengthsFinder

31:43- Establish credibility by referring to someone who has given positive feedback about you

33:06- How to operate around bias against women in negotiations or job interviews

37:05- Holding back from negotiating from fear of damaging the relationship

38:50- Negotiation is a mutually beneficial agreement

Allison Gerstley