Negotiating To Get What You Want In Business And Life With Dr. Margaret Neale

Dr. Margaret Neale

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There are many myths when it comes to women and negotiation, especially in the workforce. Thankfully, we had the chance to sit down with Stanford Graduate School of Business professor and Co-Director of the Executive Program for Women Leaders Dr. Margaret Neale to talk all things negotiation. This podcast is full of great information about negotiation, but if you really want a leg up when it comes to negotiating, Dr. Neale wrote the book Getting (More of) What You Want: How the secrets of economics and psychology can help you negotiate anything, in business and in life. After listening to this podcast, you will be running to grab it.

Podcast Breakdown

3:07 – Motivation for starting research in the field of negotiation

4:08 – The basic framework of a successful negotiation

7:19 – How to negotiate something as a package rather than item by item

10:13 – How to prepare before going into a negotiation

13:09 – How to answer the question about salary requirement

16:29 – Negotiating within your company vs. negotiating a new position

20:42 – Words or phrases to stay away from when negotiating

22:38 – How office culture impacts your negotiation strategy

27:46 – How and when to back out of a negotiation that is not going well

30:16 – How to navigate the hierarchy of your office to benefit your negotiation

34:27 – Advice from Dr. Neale + information about her book

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