Networking Done Right + Identifying Your True Talent with Darrah Brustien

Darrah Brustein, founder of Network Under 40, is joining us on the podcast today to share some of her best networking tips, including what questions to ask and the best way to follow up with a networking contact. We also hear more about Darrah's journey discovering her strengths, and how that led her towards starting her own company. 

Podcast Breakdown:

5:33- How a layoff led Darrah to spend two years trying new things, explore her interests and discover her strengths 

8:30- Darrah's first business-a credit card processing company she started with her twin brother

11:00- Network Under 40 is born 

12:00- Importance of identifying your strengths + skills when looking for purposeful work

17:30- Sometimes we need a friend to point out our strengths when we undervalue our skills

26:00- Perfect is the enemy of good

22:25- Biggest networking myths

28:00- Better questions to ask than "So, what do you do?" at a networking event 

29:30- The art of the follow-up post networking event 

35:44- Tools for networking: Charlie App, Full Contact

39:00- More information on Network Under 40 events 


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Mercey Livingston