Dealing with People Pleasing and Standing Up For Yourself with Amy Smith

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If you've ever struggled with trying to please everyone but yourself, you're not alone. Trying to make others happy is a great thing, but when it comes at the expense of your own self fulfillment, it's a problem.

Today we're chatting with joy junkie Amy Smith who focuses largely on teaching chronic people-pleasers how to actually speak up for themselves without being riddled by guilt and fear (Yes, please!). She's known for her raw, irreverent slant on personal development and is sharing real-world, implementable tools with us. 

We're going to discuss the origins of people pleasing, how we can say 'no' when we want to, and how to stand up for ourselves when our silence is taken as agreement. Oh, and how to tell your mom what she might not want to hear. It's all in here! 

Give it a listen.