Practicing Etiquette + Making Authentic Connections with Beverly Brooks Thompson + Christina Herbach

This week we have a special two-part episode and are talking all things etiquette and making meaningful connections (personally + professionally) with Beverly Brooks Thompson and Christina Harbach. Beverly Brooks Thompson is President of Brooks Thompson Consulting. Beverly shares some great business-related insight including the best Way to approach anyone in a business setting, the two best questions to ask anyone in a business setting, and how to prepare yourself for etiquette in the business space. Christina Harbach also joins us to talk about making authentic connections and crafting a meaningful narrative on the show.

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Brooks Thompson Consulting:
Bring Your Own Story:

Podcast Breakdown:

5:20- Beverly's amazing career journey 

8:50- Etiquette and the "trust factor"

9:25- How bad manners cost one organization 10 million dollars 

10:10- Defining the different styles of etiquette 

13:00- Preparation is key 

18:30- 2 questions to know to ask anyone 

21:05- Mutual respect and the dangers of gossip

23:30- Avoiding slang and using "newscaster language"

39:55- Christina Herbach, founder of BYOS, talks making authentic connections 

41:25- The small talk epidemic 

43:07- The story behind Bring Your Own Story

45:00- How to craft a meaningful narrative




Mercey Livingston