Rethinking 'Busy' + Valuing Your Time with Kate Gremillion

This week Mavenly + Co's CEO + Founder, Kate Gremillion chats about the 'busy' trap and valuing your time. Kate shares some tips on how we can rethink being busy, and how to take ownership of our schedules and commitments when we are feeling overwhelmed. Kate also chats about why time is the only luxury in the world (s/o to Kanye for this one). Listen to the full episode below to learn more about why time is our most valuable resource and why we should honestly evaluate how we are spending it. 

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Podcast Breakdown:

2:30- Own your choice to be busy

3:55- Being busy feels productive and comfortable to us

6:30- The difference between urgency and importance

8:27- How do the things on your plate align with your values and priorities?

12:38- “Time is the only luxury”- wise words from Kanye West


Time Tracker:

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