Spanx to Startup: Talking Mentors, Motherhood, and Making a Blog with Emily Hertz

Emily Hertz

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Today we are chatting with the former Director of Marketing at Spanx, Emily Hertz. Emily recently left her corporate job to start her own business, Born on Fifth. In this interview, Emily shares how motherhood inspired her to take the leap into starting a fashion blog, how mentors have shaped her journey (yes, Sara Blakely is one of them), and she gives us a behind-the-scenes look into what it's really like to start your own business right after leaving a job.

Podcast Breakdown:

5:30- How Emily went from interning at Cosmopolitan Magazine to working in-house at Spanx

9:10- Making the decision to leave the corporate world

11:30- What it's really like behind-the-scenes of building a blogging business

14:00- Choosing to be self-funded over seeking investors

17:30- How Emily dealt with other's reactions when she left her corporate job

21:00- Motherhood as a catalyst for starting and creating something new

25:10- Emily's relationships with her mentors, including her mom and Sara Blakely 

30:00- Importance of peer mentors or "friendtors" in Emily's life journey 

31:50- Choosing to support and uplift other women instead of seeing them as competition 


Born On Fifth:



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