Starting Your Own Design Business + Learning How to Hustle With Liz Maute Cooke

Liz Maute Cooke

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We enjoyed sitting down with Liz Maute Cooke of Lionheart Prints almost as much as we enjoy her beautifully funny designs. Liz chats about her journey, being brave, going out on her own, and some of her favorite designers and experiences that influenced her career. You can purchase your very own ‘Shit I Continue To Neglect’ list here, or any of her other brilliant pieces, and below you will see a custom design for the Mavenly team that basically sums of life. Enjoy!

Podcast Breakdown

1:59 – How Liz realized her love for design and started her journey.

4:40 – Going out on her own…kind of.

5:45 – The hustle is very real + behind the scenes.

8:25 – When to take the risk, be brave, and get stuff done.

10:52 – How Liz prepared to go out on her own.

13:18 – What she learned from Stationery Academy

17:05 – Why putting yourself out there is crucial.

18:40 – How she found her unique voice a.k.a why her pieces are hilarious.


23:13 – The weird ways we organize our to-do lists.

25:04 – Doing all the things you love in one place.

29:05 – How to get started for yourself and do things well (the 3-things-a-day rule).

32:14 – Liz’s daily routine

36:44 – Leaving her corporate gig to go full time

41:24 – Figuring out the business side of design

44:44 – Liz’s design role models

48:27 – Where Liz sees her business going in the future

55:09 - Advice Liz would give to anyone looking to take the plunge