Stressing Less and Living More with Courtney Elmer

courtney elmer

We think the #hustle trend is overrated. Today, many entrepreneurs feel that in order to succeed, or even survive, they have to give up their personal lives and constantly work more. Today, we are talking to Courtney Elmer, who found herself working around the clock, until one day she was forced to slow down when she was diagnosed with cancer at age 25. Courtney shares her journey on how she learned to stress less, live more and build a life where she can thrive in her work and have a balanced life. 

Podcast Breakdown:

6:50- How Courtney's cancer diagnosis inspired her to help other entrepreneurs eliminate stress and overwhelm from their lives 

10:13- The subtle "red flags" that can be a sign that you are on the fast track to burnout 

11:15- Dealing with the guilt and pressure that many entrepreneurs face around taking time off

15:30- Facing how comparison can lead to self-sabotage

17:15- Tools for creating the anti-hustle life

21:05- A simple way to create space in your day to take time for yourself 

26:00- What to do when something unexpected happens that throws off your day


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