Achieving Success + How We Think About Success with Tallia Deljou

tallia achieving success

What thoughts come to mind when we think about success? Today Tallia shares her thoughts on the way we are thinking and feeling about achieving success. She's also recorded a Guided Success Meditation to help you craft habits around achieving your definition of success. 

Podcast Breakdown:

4:25- The pursuit of success is what we’re all striving for

4:45- Our thoughts influence our feelings, our feelings influence our work

5:50- Hard work shouldn’t have to feel so hard, success should come from place of ease

7:30- You define your success

9:50- The power to choose gives you freedom

11:10- Overcoming fear which often drives us in our pursuit of success

13:15- Restructuring thinking from “what will happen next” to “what can I continue to do well going forward”

14:30- Let go of outcome of what you’re going to achieve in future

15:20- There’s no limited supply of success, no one owns success

16:15- Things are happening for you, not to you

16:50- Finding habits and ritual that give you certainty and control


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