Dating As A Modern Woman: Your Questions Answered by Francesca Hogi

Here at Mavenly, we are all about creating a lifestyle by your own design, and part of that is deciding what types of relationships you want to have in your life. That's why we are beyond thrilled to have lawyer turned Survivor contestant turned relationship coach Francesca Hogi on the podcast answering your questions about dating and relationships. 

Podcast Breakdown

3:30 – Questions from listeners about relationships

9:53 – Working with clients who are pursuing people who are not in the same mindset

14:20 – Light bulb moment! 

17:07 – Connecting with yourself before you can connect with others

20:18 – How women can put themselves in situations where they can meet someone new

24:50 – Let people know that you are open to things

26:42 – Questions that Francesca gets asked most from single women in big cities

30:04- Benefits of dating apps

34:27 – Having fun while dating

40:00 – How should women narrow down the type of people that they are looking for