Taking Control of Your Happiness with Sheena Mannina

This week we are talking with Sheena Mannina, owner of Raw Republic juice bar in New Orleans, LA about taking control of your happiness and living a more inspired and connected life. We cover a variety of topics including healing, what is means to truly be successful, mindfulness practices, taking inspired action and how to be in control of bringing desired feelings into your life. 

In this episode, Sheena shares her journey from working in the corporate marketing world to opening her own juice bar and wellness space in New Orleans. Sheena gives actionable advice for finding clarity and inspiration in our daily lives, and guidance for when we want change or to shift out of something that we know is not serving us. 

Podcast Breakdown:

5:30- Sheena's journey from working in the corporate marketing world to opening a juice bar.

8:00- More about how Sheena found inspiration to study nutrition and wellness at a juice bar in New York. 

9:00- Sheena explains how she believes every beneficial experience in her life came from a place of taking inspired action. 

9:30- The key to living a more inspired and connected life: Connecting to who you are through mindfulness + meditation, and using that inspiration to take action.

11:30- Trusting that sometimes our decisions may not work out based on our own expectations + why the experience is still important. 

12:40- How Sheena's spiritual teachers helped her conquer fear. 

13:15- First step in changing something in your life: Awareness.

15:30-Tapping into the frequency of your business in order to change + grow it as a business owner. 

18:15- Sheena's advice for what to do when you are feeling out of flow. 

23:30- Recognizing when fear is disguised as practicality. 

28:00- Why Sheena always recommends mindfulness + mediation as a first step in living a more joyful life. 

29:00- Making inspired decisions based on how you to want to feel. 

33:50- Being in charge of creating joy in your own life.

39:42- Struggling with anxiety in your career? Information is key.

47:30- Importance of willingness to be open + learn.

50:25- Looking at how our patterns can shape how we feel.

54:20- "Make the crap version." Lesson Sheena learned from a spiritual teacher about taking action and not judging what you create.

1:02:40- The career + life connection. Oftentimes when our career is not working well, then something in our life is not working well.


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