Lessons Learned From Women Starting Companies + Making Tough Choices in Business with Brooke Beach

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These days, it's hard to go a full day on the internet without reading an article about entrepreneurship. While there are numerous articles and posts all about starting a business, we wanted to hear from the women who are currently experiencing their own startup journey. Today we're chatting with Stefanie Jewett, Chelsea Moore Stutzman, and Norisha Kirts about what their first year as a business owner has been like. 

Then we have the pleasure of chatting with Atlanta marketing maven Brooke Beach about her journey to founding Marketwake and the tough choice she had to make as she built a business while taking over as CEO for another company...at the same time. We know you want to hear more about that, right?  

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Podcast Breakdown:

2:50- Introductions of guests

4:05- What inspired these women to start their own businesses

9:20- The various challenges of starting a business

13:30- Finding success in a new business

17:20- Advice for entrepreneurs starting their journeys

22:55- Brooke Beach shares her background in entrepreneurship

29:35- Finding help to navigate challenges of running two companies

32:20- Starting something new versus pivoting something

35:30- Brooke’s unique return to Kevy as CEO for a team she had already worked for


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