Prioritizing Your Time + Auditing Your Life with Krystal Clark

krystal clark

If you have too much on your plate, the wrong things on your plate, or simply want to invest your time more intentionally, this episode with Krystal Clark is for you. Today we are talking about how to conduct a life audit and why basically everyone need to do it at some point. 

Podcast Breakdown:

3:10- Krystal’s path towards working with college students

5:00- Life audit concept

8:30- Importance of finding a truth-teller in life to keep you in check

10:00- Social media’s impact on our lives

12:45- What do you want to go big on?

14:10- Live your truth

16:00- Conduct your life audit by evaluating your personal mission

27:00- Viewing tasks or responsibilities like a stoplight

29:00- Bringing your different communities into your experiences

33:40- Teach people how to treat you

37:00- Consider what’s motivating you in life


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