Uncovering What Real Happiness Looks Like with Dana Falsetti

When we first found out that we would have Dana Falsetti on the podcast, we thought this episode would be all about body positivity, self-image and self-love. Well, the good news is that this podcast is about all of those topics, but it's also about so much more. Today we talk to Dana about the importance of showing up for the things that bring us joy, creating space for positivity in our lives, the dangers of falling into the comparison trap, and how forgiving ourselves is the key to growing and moving forward. 

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Podcast Breakdown:

7:28- Dana talks about growing up and feeling the constant need to be more and do more due to insecurity.

10:30-The importance of looking internally instead of externally when it comes to happiness.

11:00-Dana's decision to try a yoga class after losing weight and not feeling the way she had expected for so long. 

13:20-How yoga helped Dana shift her inner dialogue and live a more connected life.

15:40- The importance of making space for curiosity and exploring the possibilities in life.

19:25- Dana's advice for committing to and continuing to show up for a practice or ritual. 

19:30- Forgiving yourself and giving yourself the space to show up.

24:15-Changing your inner-narrative from negative to positive.

24:30- The power of energetic connections.

25:55- Your reality is what you want it to be: changing your inner dialogue changes your own reality.

26:45- Being truly, authentically yourself is the boldest way to live because we are told not to live that way.

32:00-The battle between prestige or what other's want for us vs. what we really want for ourselves

35:15- How society has trained us to think that work has to be hard and miserable, when really we are at our best when we enjoy it.

41:00-No one will ever limit you more than yourself.

44:15- Making positive decisions manifests even more positive decisions.


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