Building Your Brand

Building Your Brand is a six-week intensive program to take your business or personal brand to the next level. The program consists of weekly one-on-one sessions, and each week we will dive into a new topic that is essential for your brand's success. We will cover a variety of topics, which include:

  • Creating Your Vibe Guide: We will craft your personal mission + vision statement, guiding principles, core values, mood board.
  • Identifying Your Audience: We will identify who you want to serve, what you want to offer them, what price point and offerings are best, how it aligns with your Vibe Guide.
  • Crafting Your Content: We will build messaging that tells your story through web content suitable for various platforms.
  • Designing Your Online Presence: We will build and design your website with five pages included that is mobile responsive and speaks to your business goals.
  • Outlining Your Marketing Strategy: We will review your services and create a plan for getting your brand seen by the people who need to see it.
  • Reviewing Your Brand: We will answer any questions, comments and concerns to get you on your way and identify solutions for any potential problems or challenges.

Who Is This For?

Our Building Your Brand program is not for everyone. These one-on-one sessions are designed for women looking to effectively communicate their value, message, and services to their audience. Ideal candidates for this program include:

  • An aspiring entrepreneur or side hustler wanting to tell their story and get more eyes on their work
  • A seasoned entrepreneur who feels their brand needs a reboot or an upgrade
  • A seasoned entrepreneur who wants to refine their brand or pivot within their business
  • A freelancer looking to showcase their skill set and portfolio online
  • A blogger wanting to organize and optimize their online presence with a clear vision
  • An 'intrapreneur' who is looking to flex their muscles when it comes to distinguishing themselves and their brand for future opportunities

What Will I Leave With?

Mama always told us to never let anyone leave empty-handed, and you are no exception. At the end of your six-weekprogram, you will have:

  • A vibe guide identifying your core values, mission, mood board, color palette and guiding principles for your brand.
  • An 'About' page and mission statement clearly telling your audience who you are and what you do.
  • A Squarespace landing page reflective of your vibe guide with custom form development, SEO optimization based on agreed upon keywords/terms, keyword-rich page titles and descriptions, Google analytics integration, social network integration, and DNS domain migration.
  • A personalize branding guide outlining your ongoing marketing strategy for your personal brand as well as the best tools to use for implementation.