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Achieving Success: Uncovering What’s Holding You Back | Washington, DC


Join us at General Assembly in Washington, DC for this FREE weekday event.

About the Event

In this workshop, we will explore fears and excuses that limit us from reaching our full potential in work and life. Using a self-coaching model, we will learn how our thoughts influence our actions as well as the results that we see showing up in our lives. Whether it’s fear of failure, success, or getting stuck where we are, we'll dig into what’s really holding us back from achieving success and understand how to define it for ourselves using principles of Positive Psychology.


  • Learn the core principles of Positive Psychology and how to apply them to your work
  • Identify specific thoughts that are holding you back from taking action
  • Reframe your definition of success using desire-mapping strategies
  • Understand how to make more authentic decisions for yourself

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