Career  upgrade

In need of a major career upgrade and an action plan to get there? Career Upgrade is a three-month one-on-one intensive coaching program that will elevate your mindset and give you the tools you need to take your career to the next level. Whether it's for a well-deserved promotion, a new job with higher pay, or a plan to take your side hustle full-time, we've got your back.

If you come ready to make big moves and commit to leveling up with us, we gurantee you will get results.

career makeover

If you're here, you want:

  • A meaningful job aligned with your values where you make a real impact
  • Challenging but fulfilling opportunities that lead to growth
  • A kickass salary that makes you feel powerful, worthy, and valued
  • Excitement in your work especially when you talk to people about what you do
  • Clarity on the action steps necessary to get to where you want to be

  • Accountability to take action and get "unstuck"

  • A compelling narrative to communicate what you have to offer

  • A well-balanced life that prioritizes your needs both professionally and personally



  • Lack of clarity on what you truly want
  • Indecision in the face of too little or too many options
  • Limiting beliefs leaving you in a place of inaction
  • An inability to articulate your strengths outside of your current industry
  • Feeling limited by your previous work experience or skill-set
  • Fear of failure, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of financial instability
  • Imposter syndrome, social comparison, and self-doubt despite your successes
  • A narrow definition of success that is hard to break away from

Yes! That's me! what's included? 

  • Three months of biweekly private coaching sessions
  • Four dynamic career and strengths assessments, including a 360 feedback report 
  • Resume and cover letter drafting
  • Networking strategies along with canned email templates
  • Interview and negotiation strategies 
  • Access to our exclusive Mavenly + Co. network with connections to a variety of industries
  • Premium podcast episodes and written content tailored specifically to your needs 
  • 20+ tools and resources designed uniquely for your personal goals
  • A 34-page workbook full of exercises and reflections that will lead to action
  • Recordings of all coaching sessions to revisit with lifetime access

i'm in. let's do this.

Schedule a call with our team to see if you're a good fit!

coaching testimonial 1

"I cannot say enough good things about my coaching sessions. Mavenly combines big picture thinking with actionable details and steps to help make positive change. I really benefited from having someone to meet with and share all my thoughts. After working with Mavenly, I was able to get job I enjoy much more with a $14,000 pay increase!" - Jennifer Hester


"I am walking away with more clarity and confidence about the type of life I want to life and the person that I am. When I started working with Mavenly, I was just going through the motions, letting my job define me and not focusing enough on myself. The program allowed me to dream big by connecting the dots in different areas of my life and I'm excited about the opportunities I have to create my own success. I think most importantly, I've changed the way I view myself. Before I was doing a lot of comparison to others and now I've started to let go of that, focus on who I want to be in the future and take action on it. I've been actively telling people my goals instead of keeping them to myself because I believe that I can reach them. Each session helped me understand my passions and strengths and forced me to address my own beliefs stopping me from creating the life I want and dreaming big. I'm leaving feeling inspired with new habits, a side hustle, and more confidence in myself." - Barbara Castro

coaching testimonial 2

"Before working with Mavenly, I was completely lost in the job search process. I would spend hours at a time on job boards applying in a nonstrategic way; I felt lost, discouraged, and ashamed of the fact that I was unemployed. During the process of working with Mavenly, I most importantly learned that I was not alone. While working with my coach, I was able to narrow down what I loved about my previous roles and use those characteristics to apply to positions that were in line with what I wanted.  My experience with Mavenly gave me the tools to find a position that fit my desired job description within a company that had a culture which aligned with my lifestyle. I have been at my new job for one month now and I can’t express my gratitude toward the Mavenly team for helping me remove my veil of shame and come out of this experience better than I could have ever hoped for." - Sophie Gaze


"Working with Mavenly allowed me to refine my story and work through some limiting beliefs I had been telling myself. I gained a new perspective on what I have to offer and also affirmation that the direction I wanted to take my career in was the right choice. I'm grateful for their guidance and honestly feel like I gained a new friend through working with my coach." - Katie Mallett


So, what are you waiting for?