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Looking to contribute? Great.

What type of content does Mavenly + Co. provide?

  • We provide dynamic and unique resources to women who are working to design a career + lifestyle with purpose.
  • We cultivate a sense of healthy ambition and aspiration in the audiences who engage with us, and we hope to develop a sense of confidence and self-awareness in our readers.
  • We go beyond cliches and “quick fixes.” Simple solutions are welcome, but nothing good ever comes from a gimmick. We value “long game” efforts and stories that model resilience and drive.
  • We seek to inspire our readers to see themselves as ambitious and powerful women who have stories worth sharing.

What content are you looking to avoid for Mavenly + Co.?

  • Meaningless lists, quick fixes, or easy steps
  • Shaming content or content that devalues diversity
  • Anything that can be categorized as celebrity gossip or fashion
  • Cookie-cutter advice that leaves readers feeling like time was wasted
  • Content that makes assumptions, is cynical, or only reflects a small portion of our audience
  • Self-promotion without insight or vulnerability
  • Advertising or promotional content for a product without insight on the woman or maven who created the product/service
  • Material better suited for a fashion blog, including outfits/meals/workouts of the day
  • Content that talks down to our readers or assumes our readers are motivated by criticism

What are some general themes to keep top of mind when submitting content?

  • Personal stories about growth and development in your life
  • Informative or challenging situations in your career and adult life
  • Aligning values with actions and priorities
  • Making big decisions
  • Transitions between life-stages (for example, going from college to the workplace, or changing jobs)
  • Vulnerability and connectivity

Is diversity of opinion and thought important to Mavenly + Co.?

  • Absolutely. We’re enhanced by perspectives and experiences that are wildly different from our own. Here are some perspectives currently missing from our content. We’re seeking out these narratives because we believe diversity is critical to quality.
    • STEM - Women in science, tech, engineering, and math
    • First-generation college students
    • Cultural narratives from countries other than the United States
    • Photographers and video mavens or visual artists

How can I “make my presence known” to the Mavenly + Co. core team?

  • Contact us here! Even if we don’t initially find a place for your content after you pitch to us, we’ll put it in our hopper. Like birthday cake, no content should be served before it is fully baked!

  • We also read and evaluate all of our comments, social likes and mentions, so “favorite”, double-tap, rate the podcast and provide your feedback and comment on our blog. Also feel free to blog on Medium or on your own property and connect that content with our team. If you have a voice that feels like it is aligned with ours, we’ll let you know!

What kind of content “floats the Mavenly boat?”

  • Experiences and stories that motivate our audience with details, pathways, and lessons that explain a journey and demonstrate gumption
  • Authenticity. You don’t have to have it all figured out, nor do you have to present yourself as “bulletproof” - in fact, emerging from a period of trial or conflict is what is most compelling to us.
  • “Me too” moments. A “me too” moment is a moment where our audience reads your story or experiences content that makes them feel less alone and more in control of their destiny or life-path. If you’ve walked the road that our audience wishes to walk, you add value to our team.
  • We want you to tell your story, provide explanations for the “how and the why” of your choices, and make it resonate with our audience as young women who are striving for a personal level of success and autonomy.
  • If you are a filmmaker, a photographer, or a visual artist, we would love to hear from you, too. We’re exploring visual stories and other methods of storytelling, and we would love to see your portfolio or reel!